Friday, January 9, 2009

It's the Little Things

"Something good happens each day. You just have to find it." - my wise mom

When I was working on my PhD (and rarely saw the light of day), these words became my mantra. Now, long past that grueling period, I still use the idea when life gets little overwhelming. It's the glass is half full approach. It brightens me up. And in the end, it really is the little things, isn't it?

A phone call from an old friend.

Three green lights in a row.

Getting the kids off to school on time. (That alone makes me giddy for hours!)

This week, it's been something I never would have thought possible. Elven magic.

Okay, my seven year old's version of elven magic.

Here's an example. We had our carpets cleaned after the holidays. Everything had to come off the floors and onto the beds, which for my kids' room means everything they own ends up on their beds. Nothing had been put back by the time the time they got home. I told them about the chaos and that I'd help them rearrange when they got ready for bed. They nodded, groaned a little, and then we all went about our afternoon activities. At some point, my youngest disappeared off my mom radar. It was quiet. Very very quiet. I knew she was in the house, and being a mom, I just hoped she wasn't getting into trouble.

Soon enough, she came and got me. Made me close my eyes. All thoughts of pandemonium flitted through my brain. What had she been up to? Wreaking more chaos in her sister's room? In her room?

When I saw what she'd done, my jaw dropped. It's one of those things a mother is never truly prepared for.

She'd cleaned her room. And here's the part that made me stagger. She cleaned up her sister's room too. Took everything from the beds - all the toys, Webkinz, instruments, and books, CDs, chairs! and carefully put them back where they belonged.

Still, it was the smile on her face that melted me heart. She was glowing.

I did the only thing a mom could do. I scooped her up and covered her in kisses.

This morning, she was at her elven magic again. She got the backpacks and shoes ready for school. She brought down hers and her sister's laundry. And then she "surprised" me.

I know those backpacks and shoes don't look like much, but for me, they're the image I'll tuck away in my heart and treasure for a lifetime.


Gottawrite Girl said...

Very cool, Stacy. It's the little things, for sure... something that's ALL there is!! I find the more I concentrate on finding those little silver linings, the MORE there are!!!!

adrienne said...

What wise words from your mom. That cute picture of the backpacks certainly made me smile!

Stacy Nyikos said...

Thanks. It made me smile too. Still does.